Mel from BeachHaven Primary School has been using SchoolApps for 2 – 3 years now. She says it’s the best thing her School has ever done to improve School Communication.

We’ve seen how Mel uses the School App and so we thought we’d give her a call to see if she was willing to pass on her tips & tricks to other Schools.

In the video below Mel shares some great ideas.


Mel’s tips & tricks

  • Schedule Alerts in advance: Mel sets aside 10-15 minutes at the start of each week to schedule her alerts for the week.
  • Consistency: Mel schedules the alerts to go out at 7am. Parents have come to expect these alerts and find it very handy to be reminded that it’s mufti day today, or that they need to bring $2 for the sausage sizzle right at the time they are getting ready for School.
  • Reminding parents about the app: The SchoolApp is the main communication tool at the School and the parents have come to know this. If a parent calls the School because they have forgotten something, that parent will be reminded to download the SchoolApp so they don’t miss this type of info. Mel will even help them download the app if they’re having trouble.


Watch the video below