In light of the situation that occurred recently in Christchurch, and the many schools that were in lockdown, we thought it would be helpful to put together some information showing you the best use of your school app during an emergency situation.




We have had feedback from many Schools as to the effectiveness of the SchoolApp during the event.

On Friday in Christchurch, boy was I ever so glad we had the app. During the lockdown over four hours, It was a core tool to assist us with parent communication.  I was able to send parents a message every 30-60 mins to reassure them their children were safe.  I’m pretty sure that any parents who hadn’t installed it on their phones will be doing so now.
It was instant, reliable, accurate.  I am so pleased we chose SchoolApps as our provider of this service – thank you.
-Rae Reese-Jones | Office Manager & Board Secretary – Russley School

We will certainly be updating our lockdown procedures with reference to the App as the parent feedback was they appreciated the updates we did send on the App. At the Trust Board meeting last night the comment was that the App updates were the most useful (compared to the front page of the website, facebook, text etc) and they would like the App to be used for lock down updates as well as the website.
-Rachelle Mathews Marketing & Communications Manager – Medbury School



Video Tutorials

Here are a few tips to help you get the most out of your App during an emergency situation.


Video 1: (3 mins)
  • Creating an Emergency procedures document
  • Adding it to your SchoolApp.
  • Informing your community about your Emergency Procedures

Video 2: (5 mins)
  • Adding your SchoolApp dashboard to the School App so you can send Alerts from your phone (Important, please make sure to tick the box for ‘open this link outside of the app).
  • Saving draft Alerts for quick sending later during an Emergency Event
  • Sending Alerts during and emergency event


Do you have any ideas for using the School App for Emergency situations? Send us a message…



Disclaimer: Please note, we are not School Emergency or Health & Safety professionals. The reason for the content on this page is to inform our SchoolApp users how to use the tools within School Apps during an emergency event. For help with your emergency policy & procedures please seek a Health & Safety professional or your local civil defence emergency management department.