Hello – We have some exciting news!
We have recently been trialing some new functionality with a few schools, with great success, and are now able to offer this feature to all schools.
The new feature is called the Users-App Module. It allows schools to add security to the app, to track who is using the app and it give the school greater control over how users are receiving alerts.
  •  Allows secure access to the app – teachers, parents and students are required to log into the app with their own unique password. The school chooses who gets a password and gains access to the app.
  • Allows schools to send private alerts (to individual parents/teachers/students). 
  • Allows schools set up private Alert Groups and to assign individuals to these groups and send them private alerts. This means the school can control who is apart of an Alert Group instead of relying on the users to subscribe to the Alert Groups themselves. So the school will know who is receiving each alert.
  • Allows the school to send alerts to teachers and staff that are confidential and contain information not public to parents and students.
  • The school can see which teachers, parents and students have installed the app, and when they last logged in, and email them reminders if they haven’t yet downloaded and started using the app.
  • When an absentee is submitted through the app the school can send an alert to the parent’s phone privately through the app to confirm it has been received or to request any further information.…………..
If you are interested to know more please contact me and I’ll give you a call.
Please see the video below for more information: