Discover School Apps NZ, the trusted communication app for over 700 schools in New Zealand. Explore our feature-packed modules designed to enhance school communication and collaboration. 

Home screen premium design

Experience the pinnacle of school communication with our home screen’s premium design. Our complete app for schools is a secure and user-friendly communication tool. Teachers can effortlessly send updates, share files via Google Drive, and engage parents with language translations. From school calendars to field trips, it’s the ideal parent-teacher communication app. Elevate your communication game with real-time interactions and seamless communication between parents and teachers. Join the future of school communication with our top-tier app for schools. 

Absentee direct dial or text

Contacting the school on behalf of an Absent child has never been easier. Parents or caregivers can call direct using one touch calling via the App. For universities and Polytechs that use text messaging  via your App is also an option. 


Manage your school community contacts effortlessly with your own school app. A complete communication tool that parents can engage with ease. Whether it’s coordinating field trips or enhancing communication between parents and teachers, our school communication app empowers school staff to stay connected. Explore the future of school communication apps with our intuitive ‘Contacts’ feature. 

Rather watch our video demonstration?

Watch our detailed functionality video and school app in action. Just press play on the video to start watching! 

School related links

For those extra links relevant to your school, School Apps allows for this to be accessed within the app. Add and remove web links as you please via our easy to use admin panel. 

Subscribe to Alert groups

The Alerts Module allows the app user to subscribe to specific School Alert Groups so that they receive only alerts relevant to them. Even if the phone is locked, the alerts will display on the user’s phone since these alerts are set up as a push notification system. 

There is no limit to the amount of alerts a school can send. Sending Alerts is also completely free of charge. 

School Events

List all your school events within your School App. Sync with your Google calendar events or your school SMS such as Kamar to reduce duplication of effort. The app user can easily add school upcoming events to their phone’s calendar, ensuring they never miss any. 

Your schools Daily Notices

The Daily Notices module allows school staff and teachers to read daily notices directly from their iPad. Students and parents can easily refer back to the daily notices as the need. 

Integrate with your schools SMS such as Kamar or other Notices or Newsletter software to reduce duplication of effort. 

App log-in user module

  • Restrict access to your app
  • Send push notifications to individual users
  • Send notifications privately to internal staff members

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white phone and green with school communication app open
two green phones with school communication app open

Language Translation

The translation module allows you to add translations to the app. When a user opens the app they choose their preferred language and the app will load content in that language. 

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Online forms & Permission Slips

Streamline your school’s administrative tasks with our school communication app. Our completely free app for school communities offers secure data storage on Google Drive, ensuring top-tier data security. Teachers can easily send school calendars, permission slips for field trips, and engage parents in real-time communication. Enjoy language translations, file sharing, and text messaging for seamless communication between parents and teachers. Empower your school staff with a powerful communication tool. Discover why our school communication app stands out among the best communication apps for schools. 

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video scroll of school communication app content form

Online Payments

Take payments for field trips, Sausage Sizzles, fees, books or whatever you want.