In anticipation of Alert Level 2, we have been working on a solution to track parents, caregivers, staff & other visitors onto School grounds. This service will allow you to track parents, caregivers, staff and other visitors as they arrive for pick up and drop off each day without them having to line up at the office.

The service has already been offered to our 600+ existing client base for free and is now being made available to all other Schools in New Zealand at no cost.
Along with this, new Schools get a 1 month free trial of the School communication app which includes unlimited Alert Notifications, Absentee submissions, School Newsletter, links to your SMS and other communication features.

How the contact register works


  1. Parents, caregivers & Visitors use the App to check in to the School when they arrive on School grounds
  2. A confirmation with Check-in date & time will appear that they can show to staff on entry
  3. When they leave they can check out

On the administration side, a register is kept so you can trace who has been on site, and when. This data can be exported into a spreadsheet and shared to the ministry of health if required at anytime. The collection of data and privacy will be in accordance with New Zealand data privacy requirements. 


Q. Will the confirmation screen show a date and time of check-in?
A. Yes

Q. How much will this cost after Covid?
A. This check-in service is free for SchoolAppsNZ clients. The service will be made available for free for non-clients during Alert Level 2. After New Zealand comes out of Alert Level 2, schools who are not SchoolAppsNZ clients have the option to sign up to SchoolAppsNZ to continue using the service. (get a quote)

Q. How will this work for other visitors such as Couriers and other users who do not have our School App?
A. There will be a couple of options here… 1. We will provide you with a QR code that you can print out and put at the gate or office door along with a message on what they need to do. 2. We are currently working on the ability for a staff member (app administrator) to be able to check people in manually from the School App dashboard which could be done on an iPad, phone or PC. In which case these types of visitors would not need to download the app.

Q. How will parents/caregivers and other visitors be informed of this procedure?
A. We will provide the material to you to communicate this to your community. This will include a walk-through video that can be sent out as an App Alert, email, Facebook or any other method. As mentioned above you can also print out a poster with a QR code and instructions that can be put up at the gate or office door. QR codes can be scanned by the users Phone camera and will take them to the AppStore/Google Play to download the app.


Watch the video below to see it in action. 

*if you are an existing School Apps client – go here 

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