New feature – Language Translations

Why translations?

You might choose to introduce translations to your app if..

  • You are a School with a bi-lingual focus i.e. a Kura.
  • You are an International School with families from several countries.
  • You have a lot of international students attending your School and you want to be able to communicate with their families back home.

How does it work?  

Once Snapp has added the translations module to your app you can select to add as many languages as you like in the dashboard.

Manually apply translations for all of the apps various labels or use Google translate to do it all at once.

You can then apply translations to the various content areas in your app such as your Schools contacts, website links, class blogs etc. You can even send push notification alerts in multiple languages.

You will need to inform Snapp of the languages you have chosen as they will need to design the home page screens with the translated button names.


If you would like translations added to your app, get in touch.