The COVID-19 Check in Module has been added to your School App to allow you to check in to School grounds without having to use pen and paper.

Simply navigate to the COVID-19 Check-In module in the side menu of the app, fill in your details and show the confirmation check in to staff.
On the way out don’t forget to check out.

Watch the animation walk through below to see how it works.


If you are having trouble finding the COVID-19 Check in Module on your School App

This module has only just been added to the School App in the last few days and is only available on App version 2.4.0. If it is not showing in your app yet it could be for a few reasons.

  • You haven’t updated the app yet: Please go to the App Store / Play Store and ensure you have version 2.4.0
  • If you have the latest version 2.4.0 and it’s still not showing: try hard closing the app and re-opening.
  • If it still doesn’t show: Contact the School