If you are a business wanting to advertise on a School App , click  here

School App advertising

Yes, there is now a way to keep the best School App in New Zealand, at no cost.

How does it work?

Your app would show advertising from a few local businesses which are found by us. These businesses are be approved by you before showing in the app.


So in a nutshell


  • You get to keep your existing Premium SchoolApp with all the premium functionality
  • You don’t have to migrate all of your app users to a new App and learn a new system
  • You won’t pay the monthly fees anymore.
  • The app will display small banner ads at the top of the inner pages (contacts/Alerts pages etc) and you get to approve the ads.
  • There is nothing you need to do if you want to switch to the advertising model. we handle everything.

The ads are unobtrusive and show up at the top of the inner pages such as Alerts, Calendar etc.

If you are interested in this option, fill out the form below.
There is nothing you need to do, we find all the advertisers, you just need to approve them.