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"The first or second day it was released we had our school cross country. And it was a rainy day and parents were sort of wondering if it was going to go ahead. We could just message off here saying ‘cross country going ahead and that saves all the phone calls into the office or trying to look on the web . . . You just get a push notification" - Royce Helm
"It's all those sort of things which are sometimes hard to send a reminder or provide information at short notice about, but we can do that now in seconds. It's such a quick and easy way for us to keep in touch." - Jaco Broodryk
"You can look at it while you have your breakfast in the morning . . . it's in your hand rather than having to go to a computer." - MONICA FYFE
Alison PennAlison PennSt Matthew's Collegiate School
"It's integrated everything. All our school events and calendars are on there, which can be linked to your phone for alerts. All our newsletters are uploaded to there each week. It's a central place for all our communication that is right there in your hand on your smartphone."ALISON PENN
Natalie FinniganNatalie FinniganTrinity Schools Communications Manager - St Matthew's Collegiate
"There's been an amazingly fast uptake of the app, especially among students. They are really excited about it because it's just so much more convenient for them. It's a seamless synch with the software we were already using to drive the school administration. It means the parents can get what they need without having to wade through everything else and gives alerts about the activities their kids are involved in, straight to their phones."NATALIE FINNIGAN
Abbie Proudley Abbie Proudley Parent - Lynmore Primary School
"The app is brilliant. It is so fast and efficient and it's great because you can tailor it specifically to your needs," she said. "Carter is in kapa haka and does hockey, cricket and swimming, so I am able to subscribe to those alerts." - ABBIE PROUDLEY

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Save Money

Save money on printing and administration. Pricing structure relative to your schools size and budget. Contact us today for a quote on your school app.

Reduce administration

Link your student management system, Learning Management system, Class Blogs, Google calendar, Newsletter & Notices to reduce administration. Add school alert groups – easily add & remove contacts & website links such as Facebook, Schoolinterviews.co.nz etc.

Delivery, PD & Ongoing Support

At School Apps NZ we provide you not only with a clean and well designed App but also advice and support. Full app training is provided and we assist with launching your app to the community to ensure maximum uptake.

Premium visual & User experience design

We build premium School Apps for schools all around New Zealand connecting Parents, teachers, students and the wider school community. We believe in great visual and user experience design making sure each and every user is engaged with your school on a daily basis through their mobile device.

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