0m:00s – 3m:27s: Intro and creating a survey with form creation software
3m:27s – 6m:49s: Adding the survey/form to your app and sending an alert


If you would like us to create a Survey/Questionnaire in order to get feedback from your community about level 3, please fill out the form below to tell us what you need.

We will create the form and then send it to you to test. The form can then be added to your School App and sent as an alert notification, but you can also post it to Facebook or send it out as an email.


Here is an example of what the Questionnaire could look like. 


The form submissions can be sent to you as an email individually as they come in and will also be saved in a database that can be exported to a csv/spreadsheet. 


There is no cost for this and depending on demand should be able to turn it around within a few hours.


  • e.g. Message from the School/Principal. When do you want submissions to be received by?, information about level 3 and links to official ministry or govt sites about level 3 etc.
  • e.g. Parents name Students name parents phone Parents email Are you an essential worker? Will your child be returning to School under level 3?
  • Responses can be emailed to you and will also be saved in a database that can be exported to a csv/spreadsheet