About SchoolAppsNZ

SchoolAppsNZ are the largest provider of School communication Apps in New Zealand. Currently just over 500 New Zealand Schools use our apps and they have been downloaded by over 300,000 Kiwi Mums and Dads.


Why they need you

A SchoolApp takes time to design and build. There are also costs associated with hosting and ongoing maintenance.

Although these costs are  minimal, unfortunately some Schools are not allocated enough funding to pay for a SchoolApp so therefore rely on sponsorship/advertising from companies like yours.


What does an Ad look like?

We have two options:

Option 1: Premium Sponsor

You are the premier Sponsor for the School and will get the Premium ad spot. Your logo or branding will be the only sponsor that appears on the Alerts page which is the most visited page of the app. Hundreds of parents view the alerts page every week. 
The banner image can link to your website or any other call to action you would like.


Option 2: Internal page banner image

Your logo appears at the top of all of the Apps pages except the home page and Alerts page.

Clicking on the banner image brings up a blurb about your business and you can also have links to your website, click to call and click to email.

These pages are viewed by hundreds of Parents and Caregivers every day as they provide vital information for School Communication. 



Watch the 3 minute video below to see the different advertising options in action.




Why should I sponsor a SchoolApp?

  • The SchoolApp is used by a large percentage of parents and caregivers at the School. A great local audience for your business
  • Users of the SchoolApp are highly active, Viewing notices, Newsletters and Alerts everyday.
  • The cost is a tax deductible business expense
  • You’re helping the School improve the communication to their community.


How do I get involved?

Click here to Sign up now


Or if you’d like to know more Email: support@snapp.co.nz