How much does it cost?

A SchoolApp is more affordable than you think. Cost depends on your requirements and School Roll Size.

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What do the monthly costs cover?

The monthly cost is determined by the size of the School. This cost covers hosting the app and back end, annual App store registration fees and unlimited push notifications and downloads. Also, from time to time we develop great new app features, many of which we can deploy to your app at no extra cost. Apple and Google also update their software regularly so we maintain each app to ensure it is supported by the latest software versions. We also have amazing customer support which is covered in this cost.

What does the monthly fee not cover? Are there any other costs?

We often get great suggestions from Schools for new features. Most of the time we see these features as being beneficial to all of our Schools so we deploy these new features at no cost. However, some feature suggestions or requests may only be relevant to the one School. In this case we may need to charge for such feature requests.

What devices does the app work with?

We have native apps available for all iOS (Apple) and Android devices and the app is available on Windows and Blackberry in the device mobile browser. For those that don’t have a smart phone we also have a web version which can be viewed on Desktops, laptops etc.

How long am I tied in for?

There is no fixed contract so you can cancel at anytime.